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Being a care worker for a vulnerable adult can be a highly rewarding as well as a well-paid profession. Helping to support someone to live a complete and fulfilling life can not only develop skills and build experience - we provide mandatory training and shadowing - it can no doubt help you develop as a person as you put another person’s needs before your own.

Security can be a worry for care workers but at HCSP we can promise a stable and flexible working rota that can suit your life and needs - we try and make everyone happy!

As well as a profession in and of itself being a care worker for vulnerable adults is a great foundation for any career in the field of health care. Many of our care workers have gone on to become nurses or midwives etc. and found being a care worker a valuable experience all round in preparing them for their careers.

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We provide all the mandatory training needed to being a care worker that covers all aspects and skills needed. We also ensure that our care workers go beyond that however and carry out specialised dementia training as mandatory for HCSP.

Shadowing with more experience and senior care workers is provided for those care workers who are new to the field.

With our partners at Westminster College we provide funded diplomas in health and social care level 2 and 3 – a great opportunity for those care workers who want to deepen their knowledge of the industry as well as a platform for further education in health care.

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  • "HCSP are very caring and helpful and loving and they do their very best for me" - Winifred Lloyd
  • "HCSP are wonderful to me and the carers are splendid." - Bruce Beeby
  • "I found the experience of starting care to be fun, positive and smooth. The care workers are friendly, really care and they and the team continue to be my friends" - Vincent Usher
  • "I think they’re very good. I can’t do without them." - Gwendaline Watts